Tips for Sustainable fishing

As a fishing enthusiast,

How can you fish responsibly?

What do you need to know about fishing in Victoria?

When fishing, you should pay attention to the following items

Unwanted fish

When you catch a fish:

  • out of season
  • outside of legal limits (size, bag, possession)
  • that you do not wish to keep

release it immediately and with the least amount of damage or injury .

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Handling fish

If you must handle a fish (to check its identity or size) reduce damage by:

  • using a net without knotted mesh
  • using wet hands or a wet towel to handle it
  • placing the fish on cool and wet surfaces (not on hot and dry surfaces).
Releasing fish

When releasing fish, hold the fish horizontally and gently under the water, if possible. Wait until it revives then release your hold so it can swim away.

Do not release noxious fish species – this is illegal. You must kill noxious species, such as Northern Pacific sea star. 

Disposing of old fishing line and fish waste

Dispose of old fishing line in bins. If no bins are provided, take it home, cut it up and dispose of it in general domestic waste.

Put fish waste (carcasses, frames, guts, etc.) in bins. If no bins are provided, take it home and dispose of it in general domestic waste. Don’t throw fish waste into the water on beaches or near cleaning tables because it can attract sharks and rays.

Permitted Fishing Equipments in Marine Waters

Fishing Equipment

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