Old Fishing Gear Disposal

Impact of abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear

Fishing gear such as fishing lines, ropes, hooks and nets are often found abandoned on coastlines after being lost or discarded at sea.

How to dispose of old fishing gear?

 Old fishing line 

Cut your fishing line into 6-12 inch segments and place it in a container with a lid before throwing it in the garbage.

Don’t recycle fishing lines with other household items. You can click the box below to find a bin.

Old fishing hook

  • Snip away until the hook is a collection of small pieces
  • Get a can and put small pieces into the can.
  • Stuff with something to stop the hook from coming out.
  • Put it into the recycling bin.

Old fishing nets

  • Don’t throw the fishing nets into the water.
  • Cut it up and dispose of it in general domestic waste.
  • Most fishing nets are made from nylon or HDPE and are suitable for recycling.o

There is an easier way to dispose of old fishing gear

Find and Use a Seal the Loop bin

Zoos Victoria’s Seal the Loop bins help keep all aquatic wildlife safe by providing anglers with an easy way to dispose of unwanted fishing gear responsibly.

Common Asked Questions

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Common Asked Questions